June 23, 2010

Back in Denmark

We arrived at Copenhagen airport May 22nd and travelled with train across the country to Aarhus, our destination the first weeks in Denmark. We rented a small double bedroom apartment in my mum and dad's rental corporative.

We went to Haderslev the day after to watch Chris's new team play a game in the National U17 division. I was a bit odd as I watched Richmond SC U18 play Sunday the week before and now we were here.
The following weeks have been very busy and we are settling in very fast.
It is funny but it's like we haven't been away at all, everything are almost the same as when we left.
Chris went out with his old mates on their last day of school and had no problem joining the party.

Camilla is back to school only 3 days after we arrived and seems to be happy with that. She started playing Tennis in a local club and is enjoying it.

So I think it was the right thing to move back. We had 3 fantastic years in Melbourne but it feels good to be back and at the moment there is no sign that we will regret it.

Chris moved into his new apartment at the academy 1st June. It is a one bedroom apartment with a small kitchen and one toilet with a shower. The building have a larger shared kitchen, a washing room in the basement and a TV room to share between all 22 academy students. He have been training with the academy 5 times a week and have played his first practice game where he did well.

He will play another practice game this Sunday and after that have 3 weeks of holiday from Soccer. All players will keep training while on holiday and that include running and core strength.

At the first training session he realised that the pace of the game is a lot faster and the players technical skills are much better than he was used to in Melbourne. He has been working very hard so far and is getting more confident for every week. The coaches are satisfied with his attitude training effort and development.

He told me that one of the rules at training at Richmond was that he could not pass the ball to a defensive player under pressure, If he did the coach would have killed him. It was the same when he was training with the seniors at Richmond. But here they want him to pass it and the player control and pass on the ball using only one touch. That's the difference!

I am looking forward to watch him play this Sunday and see how much he have developed over the last 4 weeks.

I will take a few shots and update the blog and picture site.

We bought a house last week which we will move into 1st September and we are looking forward to it as the rented house we live in right now is crap. I will update with some pictures soon. The house is located only 10 min walk from the train station and at the same time only 10 min ride before I will be on a Danish country road.

I started my new work at Affecto 1st June and is already working for a client in Copenhagen. They have a Business Intelligence project running in their Nordic headquarters and they need a local consultant to help with ETL and reporting using Business Objects tools.

As the client is located in Copenhagen I will have to travel a lot but Denmark is small so I will be able to fly from Karup Airport, 20 drive from Viborg our home town, to Copenhagen and back every day and be home before 6 pm. A lot better than using Metro from Ormond to Melbourne CBD :-)

This week I have to fly to Oslo for a few days where I will be introduced to the project group and the current BI development before I start the project in Denmark.

I haven't really started training again, though I was riding 3 times last week. It was great to ride without any traffic. I counted all the cars I saw Sunday last week when I rode 60 km and I only saw 5 cars driving on the same road as me. This is one of the things I have missed while we have lived in Melbourne. I will try to ride more consistently over the next 3 month before the winter arrives.

Stay tuned and look out for a link to picture update over the next week or so.