September 17, 2009

Training with SønderJyske

SønderJyske is the professional part of several local clubs in southern Jutland and their senior team play in our top League. The club started 5 years ago but have already a very impressive setup.
They have, like AC Horsens, a sports academy where boys and girls can develop in their sport and at the same time live and study. Everything is located around Haderslev sports academy and the setup include 50m indoor slimming pool, modern fitness center, indoor arena, 12 outdoor soccer pitches, 2 full size Astroturf soccer pitches a stadium with the capacity of 9000 specatators and more.

Chris was training with Henrik Ipsen, their senior goalkeeper. Henrik have been playing at the highest level in Denmark for a long time and is now part of the goalkeeper training as well.
He were very impressed with Chris and said that he think that Chris is way ahead of Danish goalkeepers at his own age.
He said that Chris looked very promising and with great potential and told Chris to keep working and aim for his potential.
Again very positive for Chris and the work done by PFT and it help him mature and boost his confidence.

They would like Chris to start at their youth academy and be part of their U17 squad so that is certainly something we would look into.

Tomorrow is the last session at Brøndby IF for the 2nd time.


September 15, 2009

Training with SIK

Training with Søndermarken IK
Chris was training with his old club in Viborg on Wednesday the 10th. September and they were very impressed with his skills. They currently have a golakeeper for the first team but he does not have the skills to play at that level, so they invited Chris to play the next game for them against the top team yesterday.

They still have his player registration so it was no hurdle to get him in the starting line up.
They play at the 3rd level for U17 team and a lot of them are 93's and many of those that are 94's have played at the highest level when they were U15 players. This means that the game will be pretty competitive and a good test for Chris.

Chris boosted his confidence thoughout the match and became more and more comfortable as the match went on. I beleive that this level is as good as the VIS and it showed me that he is ready for the FFV's U18 and even U21 next season.

The match ended 3-1 and Chris had several very good interaction and saves.


September 12, 2009

Training with AC Horsens & FK Viborg

AC Horsens
Chris was invited to train with AC Horsens goalkeeper coach and the U17 coach. The first half of the training was with the goalkeepers and both the U19 and the reserve keeper were there. the session last an hour and then the second part were with the U17 team.

AC Horsens play at the 2nd best level in Denmark for all their youth teams, U17, U19 and seniors but the seniors was relegated last year and are top of the ladder and looks like they return to the Super League next season.
They have a very impressive set-up with college, sport academy and lots of soccer grounds. The youth academy include buildings with apartments where students can live at the same time as they are studying and participating in their sports at the sports academy.
the goalkeepers from U15 and up are training 4 times a week with the Goalkeeper coach and are also training with the team. That is one of the reasons why goalkeepers at the age of 14 starts to develop faster than the Goalkeepers in Melbourne as most of then only train goalkeepers skills once or twice a week.

Nicolai, the Goalkeeper coach gave us some very good feedback and he were very keen to start a relationship with PFT after what he saw. They also told Chris that he was welcome to the academy when we are returning to Denmark.

FK Viborg
Friday this week the training was with FK Viborg which is the youth academy for talented players within Viborg FF. The U17 team play at the highest level but will be struggeling to survive in the league and to avoid relegation.
Chris was training with the Goalkeeper and the two of them did some goalkeeper practice by them selves. There are only one goalkeeper session a week so this club is not focusing on goalkeepers as much as some of the other clubs.
It is important to know thinks like that before you chose the club to play for as goalie. You want to be in a club where you can develop and were goalkeeping have attention and focus.

The training went well and Chris was invited to train with them for the rest of our holiday but all the days are booked next week so he can't.
We watched FK Viborg play a League game on Saturday against FC Midtjylland, whom supposed to have the best U17 Goalkeeper in Denmark.
I know that it is hard to judge from only one game but what I saw was not better than the 4-5 Goalkepers that PFT have in that age group.

Monday is game day with SIK


September 09, 2009

Training with Brondby IF U17

Chris was training with Brondby IF's U17 team and with the youth academy goalkeeper coach.

The youth team is located in one of the stands of the home ground stadium. When we arrived one of the first we meet was Per Nielsen, a former Broendby IF first team and national player. The team manager showed Chris the change room where he was handed all the training gear needed. So no PFT clothes, sorry Roy, only Brondby t-shirt, shorts, socks, etc.

The first part of the training was together with other youth academy goalkeepers and the goalkeeper coach. The goalkeeper’s ages were 94 and older and one of them was the U17 Danish National goalkeeper. Chris did well in this part and the goalkeeper coach said that is could see the talent and the potential in Chris and they could certainly make something big out of him. He also had some positive feedback in improvements needed at this stage, such as quicker feet movement when taking that one step before diving after a shot.

The second part was with all the 94 in a small sided game. I think that the speed of the game surprised Chris and he was probably struggling to follow the speed of the game for the first 5-10 min. But he improved as he picked up the culture that exist in this environment, were everyone are extremely committed and work there buts of to get into the starting line up in the next game.

The Goalkeeper coach invited Chris to attend the golakeeper training Thursday this week and hoped to see him more and the team manager also invited him to atend training Friday, Lets see what we can do but the calendre is pritty bookes so we might not have time.

I will put some pictures up by the end of the week. Next session is with his old team in Viborg and I expect him to better than the goalkeepers as they play at the 3rd best level in the U17 tournament.