October 11, 2010

Autumn and Life back home

This Sunday we went for a walk at a nearby lake (Lake Hald) just 10 min drive from Viborg where we live. This time of year can be very beautiful, especially on sunny crispy days like today. We all know that winter is coming and that’s the only drawback, but you tend to forget on days like this.

Every winter we often ride our Mountain Bikes in this area as it’s quite hilly and there are a lot of single tracks. It’s also a bit warmer and more fun to ride your MTB in the forest than 4 hours on the road, especially on a wet gray day.

We walked for almost 2 hours so it was good to get back home for a cup of hot chocolate and homemade rolls, which is another Danish tradition.

Look at all the pictures at http://picasaweb.google.dk/FamKaimer/AutumIsHere#

Chris seems to be happy at the academy and is slowly getting used to his new life on his own. Getting up in the morning, homework, shopping, washing etc. is part of that and he seems to be doing well. Most weekends he travel from the Academy to our house and I then take him to the game if he is playing, but he also stayed a few weekends at the academy.

He had his debut on the U19 team a few weeks ago as one of the older keepers was injured. After the game both the manager and the coach was very pleased with his performance and that’s a good for him. I didn’t see the game as I was at a team buikding weekend with my company so I really don’t know how good he was playing.
I will try to explain to you the U19 soccer level by telling you that one of the centre backs just had his debut on the senior pro team that plays in the Danish Premier League. If you don’t know the level of the Danish PL then just have a look at the ladder for the CL group with Barcelona and see who is on top?

I think Chris is getting more and more confident in this environment but still need a few months of training before he is able to push for the first keeper choice on both U17 and 19 teams. Within the next month or so we will have a meeting with the Academy manager and the youth development manager (also the Academy coach) to discuss Chris’s progress and what they expect from Chris the next 6-12 month.

I have uploaded a few pictures from one of his games: http://picasaweb.google.dk/FamKaimer/ChrisPlayingSNderjyskEU17#

Life in Denmark:
We are slowly getting used to our new life here, a life that are a lot different to the one we had when we left 3 years ago. It’s much harder to settle than we thought and I think the reason for that is that we remember the life we had before we left and everyone else does that too. But 3 years in another country actually changes you view on how you want to live and I believe that we will never go back to the life we had before we left Denmark, too many things have changed. It’s not that we don’t like our new life, we just have to get used to it and then enjoy. Some part of me is still missing Australia and we probably all feel the same way about it.

We moved into our new house late August and that was great. We have waited for that to happen for three month so we could unpack all our boxes and stuff. We bougt some furniture’s that we needed and Camilla got her own room in the basement with a small kitchen, bathroom and her own entrance.
The house is great and we really love it, we only need to build a garage and then we are finish with all the big things. I will take some shots when we are all done.

Anyway Ane is about to quit her studies and start at her new job soon. She didn’t really like the study anyway so it’s probably good for her. I have been very busy working at a project at a major international bank and also helping out at our Oslo office for a few weeks. That means I have been traveling a lot maybe a bit more that I’d really like especially after we moved into our new house.

I hope we settled more into our new life within the next few moths and get a bit more structure into our life. I want to start riding my bike regular again and try to get fit for the spring but that means I will be riding all winter and I think I forgot how cold it is here during winter. I bought a Mountain Bike which I am getting in early November and I also bought a winter bike (Cheap race bike with mudguards) so no excuse for not riding.

We are planning a trip to Australia next European summer and we are definitely coming to Melbourne for a least week. We will get in touch when we know when we are coming.
I will be in Melbourne a bit earlier, probably within the next two to three month. When I know the dates I will get in touch with everyone so we can catch up while I am there.